Choczy - Succesful


Choczy, MOgda's front man drops this banger a cover of runtown's successful after the successful release of his singles' "Funmi bolaji" and "Crazy".
"Successful" is a forerunner for the best of sounds coming this year from this talented young act.
Kindly download and tell us what you think!



Supported by @legitUni

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JohnNetworQ - Ghetto


Recently just hit the studio to work on his debut album which is to drop later this year. JohnNetworQ is here to welter the appetites of his ever expanding fan base. ''Ghetto'' is a song with a familiar message but a new twist with a unique style which can be identified with the Warri raised rapper himself. Download, Listen , Enjoy , Share and drop your comments as you anticipate more songs from the forthcoming album.


twitter: @JohnNetworQ
IG: meetjohnnetworq

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Fupre MCM of the Week - Efe Ezaza


Okay, he is definitely one of the hottest guys in school, and for 2 straight years, he was voted the most handsome at the Fupre Merit Awards, the freshest fresher in his set and also won the SUG awards for most handsome!!
Studying Chemistry, Efe loves to play football, loves listening to good music and loves watching movies! He's also very intelligent too :)
Ladies, here's a candy for you guys, but word on the street is that this candy is currently off the market...awww, so sad! Anyways, enjoy some of his pictures after the cut!!

Watch out for next week! 


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New Music: King EMO - Main Man


Wonder kid - turned hot prospect King E.M.O returns to the scene with Main Man, his brand new single.
King EMO is a highly talented rapper and one of the best in his university,  and he presents this punchline laced tune to his teeming fans!
Listen up to this Hip Hop Prodigy! 

Download and share this!


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Otia - Love Me So


Otia, is a fast rising dancehall artiste, and he premiers this song for his teeming fans. Download and enjoy :)


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New Music: Delisauce - Burning


After the success of his last single "I LOVE YOU", Delisauce decides to welcome his fans into the new year with this dope rap tune titled BURNING. On this one he hops on Kida Kudz's IBEERE instrumental and I can assure you he did justice to the beat

Kindly Download and Share



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X-Applied - BBM


Cop this new hot tune from one of Delta's Finest, X-Applied. I personally like this song, and I think there's a lot more to come from this guy. Y'all should really check this out!



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Meet Miss Paula Agofure, Fupre's Fast Rising Ambassador.


Everyday, Fuprites always are always breaking grounds in so many fields, and they always achieve success, because of the pedigree of students we have. The recent success achieved by a fuprite, was that of Miss Paula Agofure, a 100 level student, when she contested in the Delta State Miss Tourism Contest. It would be worthy to note that she went very far in the competition, and won the best traditional attire.
She was also named the Miss Tourism ambassador for Ughelli North LGA!
That's something we can be very proud of, and it shows our success as students, in different fields. Congrats Paula. Below are pictures from the contest.


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The 10 Hottest Girls In Fupre 2014.

First of all, shout out to all the beautiful ladies we have in this school, we believe every girl is "beautiful" in her own way, but we have to always select the few that stand out from the rest, and these girls on the list are THE Ten Hottest girls in Fupre. Me and TJK considered some special qualities before we made this list, and i think we were very very fair...You can't doubt that the girls that made the list this year are really pretty, and hot!!!

10. Stephanie:
Before I even met Stephanie, I had already been told of her beauty, and when we eventually met, I confirmed it. To me, she has to be the prettiest chic in her set no doubt! Chocolate beauty of life!

9. Ugo Opiah: One of the coolest chics you'd ever wanna meet! and cute too!
8. Lydia: Always a head turner. Nobody walks past this chick without turning to have a second look.

7. Oro: This Picture just takes all the words outta my mouth!!! Damn!!

6. Precious Eguasa: One of the hottest engineering girls in Fupre!

5. Jemelah: Jemelah is the girl you would take home, and your mum would be mighty proud of you!

4. Isabella: Absolutely Beautiful.

3. Prisca: Simply Angelic

2. Udo: Queen Udo remains one of the hottest beauties to grace the land of Fupre, and the former Miss Fupre still stands among the elite of hot queen.

1. Martina Prest:
Nobody can even argue this with me. The only word that can be used to describe Martina is FLAWLESS...

What do you guys think about the list? Who do you think was left out...and if you felt we didn't do the list well, let us know your top 10!


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King E.M.O x Jason Bangz - More


Campskrilla Music Group presents this highly anticipated song from the trio of King E.M.O and Jason Bangz.
This was produced by hypertouch,  and this is a song that will definitely make your playlist. Watch out for more tracks from King E.M.O, but first, kindly download this hot tune!!!



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Nomzzy to Delisauce: I'm not impressed, watch out for Monifere!


Nomzzy had a few words to say about Delisauce's new song, "I Love You" ft Rolex Carter.
A few minutes after the song was released, I asked him his opinion about the song, and  here's what he had to say:

Nomzzy: expectations from songs are just too high..I'm sorry tho if I'm sounding like a hater was just there..not what I expected...

S.B: Do you think MoniFere is better than his song?

Nomzzy: Ah..i dunno should judge that..

SB: How do you see the music scene in fupre by 2015?

Nomzzy: Errm....mind blowing, Fupre really has good artist that just need Lil work to get launched into perfection..If every artist is thinking the way I am thinking...Fupre music industry should be a force to reckon with. I believe in every one of them, I must say especially King EMO.

Nomzzy will be premiering his own single "Monifere" soon! Watch out for that, but before then, kindly download Delisauce - I Love You ft Rolex Carter here


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10 Songs That Rocked Fupre in 2014


It was a year of songs in this school. Not a month passed with a Fupre artiste calling me with these same words: Sifon, I have a song to drop, and all the songs released this year were crazy DOPE!!! So, we’ve decided to give you guys the TEN SONGS THAT ROCKED FUPRE IN 2014, so here we go!

10. Mz Hale – Crazy Love

Crazy love is one of our favorite songs of the year, and for a debut song, Mz Hale did a pretty good job. Its not easy to be an artiste in Fupre to start with, then to become a female Fupre artiste, and the first one at that!!! You Go Girl!!! Mz Hale, or Best as she’s also known by, came out proudly with her first song this year, I am seriously waiting for more projects from her, and I’m very convinced she’ll continue to rock this school in 2015. Just watch out for our New Alicia Keys, and her new single (Name withheld) dropping soon! Its gon be fire!!!

9. Rolex Carter – Jamaican Vibes remix ft WondaKudz, Maxi NL, Acekidd, Bailey, Obaro.

A lot of people asked me who was Rolex after I premiered his first song, Jamaican vibes on SBB here, and when the remix came out, a lot more people still asked about this ‘Rolex’ Guy as he’s popularly known. The diversity and creativity in this school is amazing, and for the fact that we now have a reggae artiste in Rolex, that’s just WOW!!! When we started rapping in Japka Hostel back then, we didn’t even know we could have reggae artistes now, but praise be to Jah!!! And the artistes he featured on it also killed the song, especially WondaKudz, who is now a Gospel Artiste by the way. Rolex Nice one Blaadcat!

8. Pryme – 10 bottles

When Pryme sent me this song, on first listen, I was shocked, because we all know Pryme to be a hard hitting lyricist, and for him to easily switch to doing cool chilly music, that the ladies could vibe too, well that’s something to really applaud. 10 bottles is a song you can play while chilling outside that bar near Ebrumede Hostel, or maybe with your guys at that cool spot in Agbaro, or if your guys come over to your crib in Ugbmoro, y’all could also bump 10bottles while popping bottles of course. Produced by Elcee, Mixed by TU2, this is one of the most matured songs I’ve heard this year, from a Fupre artiste.

7. King E.M.O – Pretty Girls

I have issues with King E.M.O!!! First of all, you are one of the best artistes in the school (You can check the list here), you are a fresh handsome boy, with swag at 100, and still you go and do a song for Fupre girls? Do you want to take all our girls????????? Am sure this song is on the phone of every Fupre girl, and even though your name wasn’t called on the song, you are still a Fupre girl, and this song is for you. I’ll get King E.M.O to do a remix and mention more pretty girls(I’m Joking though) This song rocked the school no doubt, and I’m still telling you guys, King E.M.O will drop crazy stuffs in 2015! This school might be too hot for some artistes in 2015, so better buckle up! The song is a cover of Wale’s Pretty Girls, and King E.M.O satisfied the guys that listened to the song with amazing wordplay and top quality delivery.

6.  Cobany – King ft King E.M.O, Harrykane

Any time I play this song, anywhere I am, I always get asked this question: Are these Fupre Artistes? Because the song is a goooooood hip hop song, that can stand it’s own anywhere! And seriously, to all Fupre Artistes, The Music in this school has evolved fam. If you aren’t putting out good music, well don’t put out any music at all! Cobany, King E.M.O and HarryKane always combine to give the craziest of songs, and this song is not an exception. Cobany drops two monster verses, and King E.M.O steals the ladies again with this crazy hook, then the ‘Master’, HarryKane does his thing on the second verse, in a cool boss-like way! Crazy hot tune guys, and if you don’t have this song on your phone, then which songs do you have on our phone??? The Song was so good; the owner of the song, South African Rapper A.K.A tweeted about the song!!! Oshey!!! Fupre artistes don go places this 2014 sha!! You guys don’t know the joy I get when I see Fupre artistes getting recognition out there! I mean we started this whole music thing, I’m sure most of y’all will remember the first Metamorphosix show then! Most of those artistes then are now getting known outside Fupre, and they will continue to be bigger! And the church says AMENNNN!!!

5. Rolex Carter – Blaadclat

Baddest Guy Rolex Carter!!! You can’t tell me you don’t like this song. This song is fast becoming a hit, and it’s one of the Fupre Artistes songs to make it to a top Nigerian Blog, it was even premiered there!!! AH!!! ‘Who Da BlaadClat’ is the slang of the year in Fupre, and even lecturers are even saying it tooJ, all thanks to Rolex ‘Baddest Guy’ Carter! This song was produced by DisallyBeatx, and if you are an artiste, in Delta state as a whole, and you are not working with DisallyBeatx, then you are not working with the best my brother!! Add this song to your playlist now before you become a LASTma.

4. Nomero – Ise Yen

Naa Naa, Nomero, I’m not bringing my Girl over to your house anytime fam! I mean, this song is crazy! I think I repeated this song over and over and over till my BBM contacts got the song! This song disturbed the whole Fupre kingdom, from Underbridge, to girl’s hostel, back to LT2, this song was jammed everywhereeee, and when it was even performed at the BonFire Night, everybody was rapping along. Nomzzy is dropping a new song soon, ‘Monifere’, and y’all ladies should wait on it. WARNING: If you are a guy, don’t take your girl over to Nomzzy’s Crib. Do you wanna know why? Listen to the track first! Crazy stuff!!!

          Nomero - Ise yen 

3. Cobany – KushMoney


If you see cobany during weekdays, you won’t know he’s a rapper, but at studios and shows, in his own words, he metamorphoses into this rap demon, and KushMoney was his first song he released under SeezMusic! Like I said, big singles were released this year, and this is one of them. I’m sure most of you guys haven’t forgotten the last bon fire night performance. I heard some Ladies were crushing on the nigga after his energetic performance….on the stage I mean! Cobany has some crazy songs in the pipeline, and it’s about to hit you soon! This I can promise with my whole heart, but before then, why don’t you download this hot banger produced by Elceebeatx!!!!

2. Gpenzy – Simbi

Ah! At last we can dance!!! If you know how to shoki like Buchi and Co, this should be your jam! This song is THE BEST DANCEHALL TRACK EVER in Fupre. Notice I said that in caps, and when SB says it’s the best, better believe it’s the best! Gpenzy got us dancing, and dancing, and when it was played at the FMA after party, I Danced a lot more!!! I heard he’s seriously cooking a remix of the song with a HUGE NIGERIAN A-LIST Artiste! I know the artiste, but I’m not gonna be releasing the details now! Also, a video is on the way!! Music in this school is fast becoming a hot industry, and a competitive one at that! Produced by another crazy beat maker in the person of Don Dalor, this song is maaaad!!!! Mr Dj, its Gpenzy! Slam it!!

1.    1. HarryKane – Made of Black ft Cobany, King E.M.O

When TJK called this the best collabo out of Fupre ever, I didn’t doubt him, because I know, that this song was the best of 2014, and this song sets the tone for 2015. Combining 3 of the most talented artistes I’ve come in contact with, in this track, makes it stuff of legend, and many future Fupre generations will look at this song as LEGENDARY, a CLASSIC, a masterpiece.

HarryKane gave us what we all needed from him, an upgrade, and he did it with two dope heads

that can spit fire whenever there are on the mic. A complete hip hop track, and for this song to become number 1, in a year of hot hip hop tracks…I don’t think I have to say more again! Song bursts my head every time I play it, and I promise you, it’s gonna have the same effect on you too!

Am proud of Fupre artistes, and I’m proud of this song! If this song is not on your playlist, then I’ve got one question for you: what are you listening to?

Shout out to all Fupre artistes who dropped songs this year, we at SBB are so proud of y’all, and we will always promote your content, so other students from other campuses will hear your tracks, and so they will know that we’ve got the BEST ARTISTES IN NIGERIAN UNIVERSITIES!!!!

Well, if you song didn’t make it on here, well there’s always 2015, and if you do good songs, fuprites love it, I’m pretty sure that it will make the list next year!!! And make sure you add all these songs to your playlist if they are not there already!!




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